IACP Certified Link-Belt Crane Appraisals – Contact Houston Auto Appraisers

Houston Auto Appraisers Crane & Equipment division assists corporations, companies, credit unions banks and individuals with IACP Certified Crane & Equipment Appraisals on a variety of Link-Belt Cranes including:

  • Rough Neck Terrain Cranes 30-130 Ton
  • Truck Terrain Cranes – 75-100 Ton
  • Lattice Crawler Cranes 50-550 Ton
  • Telescopic Crawler Cranes 45-110 Ton
  • Hydraulic Truck Cranes 40-140 Ton
  • All Terrain Cranes 250-275 Ton
  • Lattice Truck Crane 150-300 Ton

If you are needing to know the Actual Cash Value (ACV) of a Link-Belt Crane or Equipment for finance, credit, or for legal purposes, give Roy Theophilus Bent, Jr. with Houston Auto Appraisers a call today at 1-877-845-2368 or visit www.HoustonAutoAppraisers.com

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