Houston Auto Appraisers – Auto Accident Investigation Techniques

Steering Column – Visually inspect the base of the column to see if it has collapsed.

Floor Board Area – Injuries to feet and ankles are often caused by accelerator, brake and clutch pedals.

Dashboard Area – Unrestrained occupants often crash forward into the dash area.

Roof Supports – Check front, side, and rear pillars (AKA – A, B, C & D Pillars)

Windshields – Starburst damage to the windshield means contact with an occupants head or body.

Doors & Glass – Windshields are laminated, Door Glass Tempered. Keep that in mind.

Vehicle Seats – Vehicle seat track position is important. Forward position in most cases my prevent an airbag from deploying due to the proximity of the occupant.

Interior Surfaces – Small objects may have been damaged as a result of flying parts or contact with human body parts that are not restrained.

Seat Belts – Check for wear, tear, worn buckles, belt fraying, blood or human fluids.

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