IACP Certified Auto Appraisals for FBI, DEA & Various Law Enforcement Agencies – Miami, Florida

FBI Vehicle Seizures!

Roy Theophilus Bent, Jr., IACP Certified Auto Appraiser & Expert Witness, is regularly retained by the United States Department of Justice (DOJ), Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI), U.S. Marshals Service, Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA), Internal Revenue Service (IRS), U.S. Attorney General (AG), U.S. Customs and Border Protection, U.S. Office of Inspector General, and various Police Departments resulting in criminal convictions and/or exoneration’s of Defendants for:

White-Collar & Felony Drug Crimes resulting in Federal Criminal Forfeitures, Civil Judicial Forfeitures, Administrative Forfeitures & Seizures of Personal / Stolen Property including Exotic Luxury Cars, Luxury Yachts, Luxury Motorhomes, Aircraft, Automobile Theft Rings, Chop Shops and Used Parts Dealers, Stolen Parts Identification, Auto body & Engine Repair Shop Estimate Fraud, Insurance Fraud, Motorhome & Travel Trailer Dealer Fraud, Fraudulent Auto Titles, Salvage Titles Cleaned by Fraud, Fraudulent Mechanics Liens, Stolen Motorcycles & ATV’s and assisting the US. Government in gaining title to the property appraised. 

Houston Auto Appraisers is an IACP Certified Auto Appraisal company with qualified auto appraisers and expert witnesses in most major cities throughout the United States. If you are a law enforcement agency and have taken in a vehicle due to illegal activities, we can assist you with an IACP Certified Auto Appraisal that will determine the vehicles Actual Cash Value (ACV) for legal purposes. IACP Certified Auto Appraisals have been challenged and approved in a court of law. For more information, please visit www.HoustonAutoAppraisers.com or contact Houston Auto Appraisers at 1-877-845-2368 today!

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